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Windsor to Pilot Grove: A perfect day on the trail!

Windsor to Pilot Grove: A perfect day on the trail!



Yesterday I didn’t feel like capturing the beauty of the trail. I tried to make up for that today.

What a difference a day makes!! Today was a perfect day on the trail. This was the kind of day we fantasize about when we plan these adventures. It doesn’t always work out that way but today it did. Wind was a comfortable gentle 12mph and today the trail turned the needed 30 degrees east and it was even a tailwind… JOY JOY JOY!!! The sky was a gorgeous bright blue with occasional wispy clouds and the temperature a delightful 72. We didn’t even mind all the uphill sections of the trail along our route today. Sublime happiness all day long!
We started the day with coffee and egg sandwiches from Caseys across the street from the Windsor Trailhead. Caseys rural gas station marts have been so handy on this trip so far. They are the Starbucks of the country located on every corner. And it was pretty tasty! Their tater tots have cheese in them!!

We enjoyed a hearty and delicious lunch at Country Kitchen in Sedalia and took a long break at the Sedalia Train Depot. Part of the trail in Sedalia has been lost to bureaucracy… the Sedalia/Pettis County Community Association has terminated their lease with Missouri Parks in order to take back part of the trail area that runs through town. So we had to take a long hilly detour on country roads. We met a Sedalia resident out for a day ride later that day and he said that they are trying to entice new businesses to build there but that everyone knows nothing is going to come of it. Thanks a lot Sedalia/Pettis County Community Association jerks. I was mad about that for a few minutes but nothing could dampen my joy on this perfect day.

One of the best parts of biking the trail is all of the wonderful folks we meet… fellow bike tourists, locals enjoying day rides and people in the little towns along the way. Yesterday we met two older couples on a long day ride who rode along with us for a while. They were very interested in our panniers and our trip. They’ll be doing the Katy group ride this June. We met another father-daughter team who were biking the entire trail east to west with a baseball theme. They started with a baseball game in St. Louis and were planning to end their trip with a baseball game in KC. What fun! Today we met an interesting older fellow from Sedalia out for a day ride to check all of his geocaches on the trail. He was a retired airplane inspector (that is what Craig does for a living as well) so the two of them had fun comparing notes. People we meet on the trail are usually so friendly and personable.

So we pedaled blissfully for 44 miles through lovely woodlands, prairies, farmland and hills. The trail surface here is superbly smooth. Yes my hinder parts were a bit tender after yesterday’s beating but a couple of Aleves in the morning took care of that problem. We were rested and clean from our night at the hotel. We felt good and everything about life today was absolute perfection. Every time we looked up there was another mileage sign smiling at us. The miles just zoomed by.

We reached the tiny town of Pilot Grove, our destination for the night, around 4:30pm. The city allows camping in their small city park in the middle of town. We biked to the park to check it out. It’s a cute little park with a couple of shelters, an old playground area and a pool (not open yet) although the bathrooms were a little rough. We did find a working electric outlet in one of the shelters so that was a problem solved and the grass was going to make a nice soft spot for our tent but I wasn’t loving on those yucky bathrooms. Oh well that’s the way it goes when you’re camping.

There are two restaurants in this little town… Deons Bar & Grill and Katrina’s Café. Neither of them offer any info about their hours online but we were thinking at least one of them would be open on a Monday evening. Wrong. We biked the three blocks over to check them out and found out that both closed early on Mondays. Bummer! Fortunately there was a good old Caseys on the corner (surprise surprise) so we knew we could get some vittles there for dinner if need be. But just to make sure we hadn’t missed anything, I checked my GPS and up popped a Bed & Breakfast right in front of where we were standing. Hmmmmmm… a sign perhaps??? We biked across the street to the B&B and called the number… just to see if they had any rooms available. Why not? Couldn’t hurt anything to check, right? Well there was no answer, DARN! I left a message and asked them to call back if they had any open rooms for the night. We would be hanging out at the town park.

So we picked up some pizzas from Caseys (they were actually quite good) and took them back to the park to eat. We’d been there for about two hours and Craig was just getting ready to set up the tent when my phone rang. It was Jerry from the B&B and yes they had a room and it was a good price. We are on our way over!!

Jerry was a wonderful guy and told us all about Pilot Grove and all the interesting folks he meets at his B&B. The Katy Junction B&B is a quaint little century home right across the street from the Pilot Grove Trailhead. Such a convenient location! He lives outside of town so we have the whole house to ourselves tonight. Yep we’re getting’ old and wimpy! We’ve decided why camp if we can have a nice warm shower and a comfy bed?! And I’m not ashamed of it one bit!!



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