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Nutcase Helmets

Nutcase Helmets


I run into lots of folks who don’t like to wear helmets.  Let me begin this article by saying that I think helmets are NECESSARY, just as important as a seatbelt in a car.  I’ve got too many friends with cracked helmets rather than cracked noggins.  I’ve seen the helmets.  It’s true.


I keep my brain safe with Nutcase helmets.

I keep my brain safe with Nutcase helmets.

I had my own thank-god-I-had-my-helmet-on experience a few years ago.  I stopped at a stoplight and reached out my foot to steady myself on the curb.  But I missed the curb (DOH!), did a 360 sideways somersault over my bike, landed on my head and slid down the hill… on my head.  I’m sure it looked pretty funny and I was terribly embarrassed.  I got a bit skinned up and thought I broke my thumb (I didn’t) but the important message here is that MY SKULL WAS OKAY.  I can live with a sprained thumb.  I can’t live too well with a cracked skull.  SO WEAR A HELMET.

I think a lot of people, particularly women, don’t want to wear helmets because think they look bad.  Okay I agree that your standard morel mushroom bubblehead toppers are totally unattractive.  But helmets don’t have to look bad at all.  They can be fashionable and fun.

Left to right, Flower Power helmet, Hula Lounge, and Crazy Daisy. Obviously I'm a sucker for florals.

Left to right, Flower Power helmet, Hula Lounge, and Crazy Daisy. Obviously I’m a sucker for florals.

There’s no better way to express yourself on your bike than with Nutcase helmets.  They come in a ton of different fun vibrant colorful designs and seems like Nutcase is constantly rolling out new ones.  I own three of them and have my eye on a few more designs I’d like to eventually add to my helmet collection.

Yes, I confess, I have a helmet addiction.  I collect helmets like most women collect shoes.  I like to mix and match them to my outfits.  I am not kidding.

Nutcase helmets meet current safety standards for bicycling helmets so there’s no reason to skimp on your helmet fun.  A spin dial in the back provides a snug comfortable fit and thick interior padding keeps your nut nice and comfy.  They are reflective for extra safety.  And the newest helmets come with a new type of magnetic buckle which allows you to clip and unclip with one hand and doesn’t pinch your chin!

The little Nutcase helmeted alien logo on the back of each helmet proclaims the Nutcase motto, “I love my brain!”  I’m sure you do love your brain so protect it in style with a Nutcase helmet.  They fit your head and suit your soul.  Retails $60 from Amazon.



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