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Links & Resources

These websites are all you need to plan endless day trips and weekend bike trips in the St. Louis region.  There are hundreds of miles of paved trails out there just calling out to your dusty bicycle.  Do you hear it?

Great Rivers Greenway

GRG has been working tirelessly since 2000 building multi-use (biking, walking, running) trails throughout the St. Louis green spaces.  Their goal is to ultimately create an interconnected network of trails throughout the St. Louis-St. Charles region.

MCT Trails

A useful guide to the vast MCT (Madison County Transit) system of off road, paved biking trails in Illinois’s Madison County.  The Chain of Rocks Bridge directly connect Missouri cyclists to the MCT trail system.  Check it out if you haven’t.  These trails are fantastic.

Regional Bikeways of Metro St. Louis

A comprehensive guide to bikeways throughout the St. Louis region including St. Charles and Illinois counties of St. Clair and Madison.  The online map is a bit cumbersome but this is hands down the most comprehensive guide to bike trails in our area available on the internet.

I’m so proud of my city.  We are truly breaking molds with our healthy city initiatives.  Find out about them with these links.

Ferguson Bicycle Shop

Run by our cycling pal, Gerry Noll, the Ferguson Bicycle Shop is more than just a bike shop. Gerry sells all the normal bicycle shop stuff.  But he’s also just a really great guy!  His shop organizes and sponsors bicycling events in Ferguson throughout the year.

Ferguson Cycling Club

A free to “join” group of cycling enthusiasts in Ferguson, Missouri.  We plan bike rides together and help with bicycling events in Ferguson.

Ferguson Farmers Market

The best farmers market in Missouri!

Ferguson Running Club

Another free healthy club in Ferguson, MO.  This one is a very active group of runners who run together every Saturday morning year round.  We also participate in St. Louis area races together throughout the year.

Ferguson Twilight Ramble

A family fun afternoon-evening bicycling event in Ferguson, MO for cyclists of all ages and abilities.  Held every year on the first Sunday in November.

Ferguson Twilight Run

Premier evening 5K/10K annual event in Ferguson, MO held every May.  The route is USATF-certified and professionally timed and features beautiful historic Ferguson neighborhoods. After race entertainment includes live music, food booths and beer tastings from our local brewhouse.

Live Well Ferguson

The Live Well Ferguson initiative began in 2008 as a project to help Ferguson residents lead healthier lifestyles through active living and improved dietary habits.  Since then, Live Well Ferguson has become a massive, citywide transforming movement involving a plethora of annual events, programs, healthy clubs, and city policy changes.  Check it out.  This is truly amazing stuff.

Here are some websites I used when planning our 6 day Katy Trail tour in 2008.  You might find them helpful for planning your own Katy Trail trip.

Bike Katy Trail

This is the FIRST PLACE to start planning your trip. This website is a fantastic resource.

Google Maps

I use the satellite mapping to plan a lot of our bike routes. Satellite shows service roads and offroad trails that won’t show up on a regular map. Just beware of the potential dangers of doing this. Satellite maps didn’t show that some of the roads on my intended route from Warrensburg to Clinton were unrideable gravel.


Riding the Amtrak train was very nice and affordable too and we’ll probably do it again. But don’t believe them when they tell you on the phone that there are bike racks on the train!

Coopers Landing 

This is an odd but very cool place. They’ve got live music there a lot of nights and a nice cozy warm “Gathering Room” with a big screen tv and free wifi! A Thai man cooks up some great Thai food for the campers and they keep their beer cooler stocked. It’s also a neat location right on the bluff next to the river.

Rendleman’s B&B 

I can’t say enough great things about this place. Doug Rendleman is a wonderful host, fabulous cook and a really fun guy. He’ll cook you up a feast for dinner and breakfast with fresh food from his own garden. Evenings you’ll sit outside around the bonfire and enjoy the stars and maybe even live music. He just started brewing his own beer too; he’s perfecting the recipe and I can tell you it’s delicious. We met Doug the first time we stayed there a couple of years ago and have become friends. We just love him!

Klondike Park

Fantastic campground. Very clean and very new. They pack up fast though so make reservations!

These are links to brands that I recommend to bicycling touring and commuting.  

Nutcase Helmets

I love to express myself with fun, unique Nutcase Helmets because I love my brain!  I own several different ones.

Surly Bikes

Can’t say enough good things about my Surly Long Haul Trucker.  She is truly my beautiful, trusty, strong companion.

The Touring Store

Be sure to check out this store for your bicycle touring supplies.  The owner, Wayne, is the nicest, most honest fellow.  His prices are usually the lowest and he includes Werther’s candies in all his orders!!

It’s always a battle to get more rights for bicyclists in our car centric culture.  Too many people just don’t get it.  Let’s help make our world better by supporting bicycle travel.  Find out what’s going on and how you can get involved with these websites.

Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Foundation

The Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation is a statewide, not-for-profit, membership organization that advocates advancement of bicycle and pedestrian access, safety and education in Missouri.


Trailnet has been integral to the recent improvements in the St. Louis region for cyclists.  Trailnet provides popular biking events and community education.  They work with St. Louis area municipalities to create more cycling/pedestrian friendly cities.  And they partner with other health organizations to provide healthy living opportunities for all St. Louisans.

This is a collection of helpful and interesting bicycling related websites that didn’t fit anywhere else…

Crazy Guy On A Bike

This is a website where cycling tourists can post journals of their tours and cycling articles for free.  Over the years this site has grown into an IMMENSE collection of journals from all over the world with thousands upon thousands of regular readers.  It is fascinating to venture through the site and a great place to post a journal of your own touring adventures.  You’ll have instant readers if you do.

Ferguson Bicycle Shop

Our bicycle riding friend has opened up his own bicycle shop right down the street from us!  This is a great little shop catering to bicycle commuters and recreational cyclists.  He is a certified Jamison dealer and also does trade ins.  If you’re in the Ferguson, MO area, check out his shop. He’ll give you a great deal!

Warm Showers

The Warm Showers Community is a free worldwide hospitality exchange for touring cyclists. People who are willing to host touring cyclists sign up and provide their contact information, and may occasionally have someone stay with them and share great stories and a drink or two.  Craig and I have been Warm Showers hosts for years and have met the most fascinating people from all over the world.

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