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KT 2008 Equipment List

KT 2008 Equipment List

For the geeks like me who like this kinda’ stuff… here’s my equipment list from our six day Katy Trail tour in 2008:

  • Kona Dew Hybrid Bicycle with Shimano Deore gearing system upgrade
  • Ortleib waterproof rolltop back panniers – Ortleib waterproof panniers are pricey but are the absolute best panniers you can buy and they will last forever.
  • REI 15 degree F. down sleeping bag with dry sack – very nice and warm! After much deliberation, I decided to go with a down sleeping bag rather than a synthetic filled. Down is warmer and can pack into a smaller space. The negative is that they don’t work when wet and you can’t wash them. I bought my cotton liner to keep the sleeping bag clean. I really like it so far.
  • Cotton sleeping bag liner – a must-have for down sleeping bags. Also good for sleeping in on top of your sleeping bag on warmer nights.
  • Cabela’s parachute hammock – very nice to sleep or chill out in when you can find two trees or some other supports the right distance from each other. The night we slept in our hammocks in the baseball dugout was our most comfortable night. They can’t always be used obviously but don’t take up much space so we think it’s worth it to bring them along for a break from the ground whenever the trees might align correctly.
  • Thermarest 3/4 length sleeping mat – this is a necessity for 40+ year old bodies.
  • Beanbag Pillow – this is one of those little U-shaped jobbies that are sold as travel pillows. It takes up too much space in my pannier and still doesn’t give much support. I ended up putting it on top of my bike helmet to get the right amount of ground lift. I’m going to look for some sort of inflatable alternative for next time.
  • Snow Peak titanium 3 piece cookware set – I got a terrific deal on these at Cabela’s. A frying pan, pot and bowl for $40. Usually just ONE titanium mug will set you back $40. It takes longer to boil water in titanium than in anodized metal but it is very light and worked well.
  • Light My Fire camp spork – I just love this little thing. It’s a fork on one end and a spoon on the other and is made out of a hard rubbery plastic. Mine is blue of course!
  • Snow Peak Giga Power Stove with Piezo Igniter  this stove worked great! The igniter is really handy. I’m going to probably have to rig up some sort of windscreen for extended camping.
  • Isopro Fuel – these cannisters screw onto the bottom of the stove. Nifty!
  • Foldable Tripod Camp Stool – it’s really nice to be able to sit wherever you want to.
  • Matches & Firestarter Bricks (yeah yeah I know, that’s cheating…)

    Food Stuff for 6 days

    We made our own breakfast everyday except for our morning at Rendleman’s B&B. We ate one meal a day at a restaurant along the trail and cooked our other meal each day.

    • Clif Bars
    • Oatmeal packets
    • Mountain House freeze dried meals
    • Folgers coffee single bags
    • Summer sausage
    • Hot cocoa mix packets
    • Granola mix
    • Paper towel

    I only brought Merino Wool clothing for this trip after much consideration. Merino Wool is very comfortable and doesn’t retain smells so you can wear it a long time. The problem with wool is that it takes forever to dry if it gets wet and you can’t put it in the dryer. Next time I plan to take along one technical shirt to wear in case it looks like rain.

    Neither Craig or I wear padded bike shorts. We’ve experimented with and without and our butts hurt the same amount either way 🙂 so we’d rather not feel like we’re wearing diapers.

    Craig uses clipless pedals on his bike so he brings shoes with clips as well as walking shoes. I have set my feet free and don’t use clipless pedals. I fall a lot less now.

    Here’s my list:

    • 2 long sleeve Merino Wool shirts – overkill for 6 days. Shoulda’ just brought one.
    • Merino Wool sweater
    • Merino Wool sweater vest – didn’t wear this either. But it sure looks cool!
    • 2 short sleeve Merino Wool shirts
    • Waterproof technical jacket
    • Fleece gloves
    • 1 pair Merino Wool tights
    • 1 pair shorts
    • 1 pair capris
    • 3 pair wool socks
    • 1 pair Keen sandals – I found that I can wear these with socks and use them even when it’s cold. Sure I look like a geek but hey, if the shoe fits…
    • Hiking Boots – the biggest waste of packing space on this trip. I never used them and they took up a third of one of my panniers. I can just wear my Keens with sock in the future.


    • Laptop Computer – I was only able to log in to the internet and check email once during the trip at Coopers Landing. I just never had enough time to hunt down wifi anywhere else.
    • Digital Camera
    • Cellphone




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