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Detours Bicycle Purse

Detours Bicycle Purse

Since I often bicycle to the store or to meet with my website customers, I need some way to carry my stuff that is convenient and stylish, something that I can detach from my bike and carry with me when I arrive at my destination.  I used to just use my Ortlieb handlebar bag but it wasn’t working very well for me.  It’s too big, too boxy, too ugly, and too bright yellow.  It’s perfect for bicycle touring but not for my daily commutes.

It fits conveniently on my handlebars

It fits conveniently on my handlebars

I recently purchased The Phinney Bag by Detours and I’m absolutely in love with it.  It is proving to be exactly what I was looking for.

The Phinney Bag’s hardy nylon construction has a rigid frame so that it holds its shape when it’s attached to my bike. Smartly placed detachable straps allow the bag to be easily attached either to your handlebars as a handlebar bag or to the top of your front or back bike rack. It’s so versatile.  Since it doesn’t require a handlebar mount, you can use it on multiple bikes.  In my case, it fits over the handlebar mount for my Ortlieb pannier so I’ll have no trouble switching back to my Ortlieb when I’m touring.

So cute!  I love the lime green interior too.

So cute! I love the lime green interior too.

Side pockets allow easy access to any small thing you might need to use while you’re riding like an iPhone or kleenex. My only complaint is that I wish it were a tiny bit bigger.  The interior is not very big but large enough to carry a billfold, iPhone, camera, and a couple of other small things. When I get to my destination, I just unsnap the straps and voila! I’ve got a stylish purse to carry with me.

And best of all, it’s really cute! I love the way it looks. Sometimes I even use it as my purse when I’m not on my bike. It comes in three color choices, peppy orange, gray & blue, and black. I bought the gray & blue one to match my bike but may eventually purchase the orange one too just because it’s so amazingly awesome and orange rules…

If you just gotta have one, it retails for $58.99 at Amazon.com.

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