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Bluffton to Augusta: A sad farewell, a glorious parting, and a couple of happy hellos

Bluffton to Augusta: A sad farewell, a glorious parting, and a couple of happy hellos



Heading into Marthasville

Well lo and behold the Metamucil performed magnificently! The next morning I had to go!!! And go I did. The ceiling opened up and Carole King sang “I feel the earth move under my feet… I feel the sky tumblin’ down… a’ tumblin’ down!!!” Goodbye country breakfast in Pleasant Hill! So long Sonic burger!! Farewell Casey’s cheese tots and pizza!!! Toodle-loo Chef Jerry’s gourmet breakfast (sorry to lose that one… it was yummy!!!)… and sayonara spicy amazing Thai chicken curry with rice and broccoli!!!! Hot diggity dog! I lost fifteen pounds in five minutes and I felt like I could FLY!!!! What a triumphant way to begin the day!!!

We said a sad goodbye to Doug with many promises of future meetings SOON!!!! And headed back down the trail. Today was exquisitely pain free. After the morning’s glorious success I was feeling amazing. It was yet another perfect day of beautiful weather and smooth trails.

The prettiest spot on the entire trail

We met Jerry Johnston between McKittrick and Trelour. Jerry is another rambler… bicycle hoboes I call them… and I find them fascinating. He is probably in his mid to late 60s and after a heart attack a decade ago he checked out of the stale American dream and travels around the country on his bicycle taking odd jobs when he needs some funds. He seemed to have no real plan, no GPS, no map. Just living in the moment. Respect. Happy safe trails, my friend.

Jerry Johnston, new trail friend

Lunch consisted of delicious juicy burgers and fried gizzards at our old fav, the Trelour Bar & Grill. We discovered this delightful country grill years ago on one of our shorter Katy rides and have eaten there many times. Scrumptious grease-dripping flavor-filled FAT burgers!!! And I also discovered Mike’s Hard Black Cherry Lemonade. BONUS!!!!

Nona, MO consists of exactly one old house and a barn. Eight years ago when we passed through Nona we heard some sort of machinery buzzing in the house and stopped to investigate and met Michael Bauermeister, the homeowner who also happens to be an internationally known wood sculptor. He uses the Nona house as his wood shop and it is filled with his beautiful creations. Joy oh joy he was there again today and we stopped in to say hi and look at his latest work. He took us upstairs this time and it is set up as an art gallery of his work. An art gallery filled with beautiful wood sculptures of a famous artist in the middle of nowhere, Missouri. Oh what a wonderful magical world we live in!!! Find out more about Michael Bauermeister on his website at michaelbauermeister.com.

Wood artist, Michael Bauerneister, in his Nona gallery

We had hoped to eat dinner at the Augusta Brewery but it is only open on the weekends this early in the season. So we biked two more miles to Klondike Park, our campground for the evening. We set up our last camp of the trip and cooked up one of our Mary Jane’s Farm organic freeze dried dinners. Tonight’s special was Curry In A Hurry and it was heavenly.

Dusty buggy Katy Trail legs

Klondike Park is a wonderful newer state park outside of Augusta, MO. Great facilities and clean little campsites and cabins up on the bluff edge. It is only 26 miles from our house so we often bike out there for overnight camps. It is a popular park though so you have to reserve your spot in advance.


Our neighbor, Tom, biked out to meet us there and camp with us that night. He arrived around 8:30pm after a furious 17mph eventful night ride on the trail which included a head-over-handlebars tumble and close encounters with a black bear. Crazy guy! We stayed up late into the evening drinking around a campfire and talking about all kinds of topics. Fantastic evening and a perfect final night to our epic adventure on the Katy Trail.


Our final camp

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