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Bern Helmets

Bern Helmets

Well I’ve been super busy at work and haven’t posted here in a while.  But don’t think for one minute that I’ve been hibernating during this arctic winter.  Nope!  I’ve been out there on my bike several times a week even when the temps have dipped down into the teens and windchill has been below zero.

So it just happens that the year I decide to bike all winter long turns out to be the coldest, snowiest winter in years.  THANKS A LOT, mother nature.  Perhaps my timing wasn’t the greatest… BUT I’m certainly becoming an expert at biking in cold winter weather.  And honestly, it hasn’t been that bad!  Not bad at all.  My below freezing biking wear continues to perform excellently.  I’ve spent many hours and covered many miles quite comfortably biking out in the cold.  I’m still enjoying it too.  I’m finding the winter landscape to be so beautiful and my rides are quiet and peaceful… I enjoy biking even when it’s overcast and windy.  But windless days when the sun is shining are sublime!

My biggest hurdle is always just making myself get out there.  When I’m looking out my window at the frigid icy outdoors, I confess that I often don’t really want to go out there.  It’s so warm and cozy inside.  I imagine how cold I’m going to be on my bike and forget how much I love being out there.  My willpower sometimes fails me!!  That’s why it’s so handy that I don’t have a car anymore.  I HAVE to bike to get where I’m going whether I want to or not.  And then I get out there and am surprised all over again by how comfortable it actually is when I’m wearing the correct clothing.  I always have a delightful time pedaling away.  I’m happy that I don’t have a car otherwise I would miss out on so much fun!

Here I am all bundled up in my ski mask, winter goggles and Bern Snow Helmet.  I'm snug as a bug in a rug!

Here I am all bundled up in my ski mask, winter goggles and Bern Snow Helmet. I’m snug as a bug in a rug!

The right clothing is crucial.  Cold fingers, toes and ears are not fun at all.  I’ve been extremely satisfied with all my cold weather gear, especially my Bern Snow Helmet.  I was thrilled to find this baby on clearance at REI for $40.00 since they retail around $65.  Back then it had been a warm sunny summer so my new Bern baby had to sit on the shelf for quite a few months before I got to really test it out.  But lately it’s been proving itself worthy again and again… I’ve already gotten my money’s worth many times over.  What a great helmet!

The neatest thing about the Bern helmets are their interchangeable liners that snap into the helmet.  The winter liner is warm, soft, comfy knit that wraps around your head and down over your ears.  This thing is toasty!  The ear covers have kept my ears warm even on the windiest days.  I absolutely love this helmet for winter riding.

The summer liner consists of a headband and visor that snaps in.  It’s cool, convenient and practical.  I ordered one of these from Bern’s website and will try it out this summer.   All liners can be purchased individually so you can use your Bern helmet in any weather.

Craig and I are modeling our Bern helmets with their summer visor liners.

Craig and I are modeling our Bern helmets with their summer visor liners.

(Bern also sells an “audio” liner with built in ear pads that hook into your iPod for music while you ride.  I’m no fan of this liner though because I don’t think it’s safe to listen to music while you’re biking.  Ears need to be listening for cars not tunes.  So stay away from that one….)

Bern does offer a few fun helmet designs for the cycling fashionista (or LOL cycling chica) but most of their helmets are solid white or black.  Mine is the solid white which is just fine for my winter riding… highly visible and goes with everything.

So stop using the cold as an excuse to stay off your bike this winter.  You’re missing so much fun.  Strap on your Bern helmet and get out there!



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