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Augusta to St. Charles: Back home again

Augusta to St. Charles: Back home again


Our last day on the trail began with another lovely sunny morning. This was the only day with a prediction of rain earlier in the week but by this morning the rain chance had dropped to 25%. If we avoid rain today this will be our first rain-free Katy Trail trip. Except for our first windy day, the weather on this trip has been marvelous. An early spring outdoor adventure is risky in the Midwest. It is a stormy season here. We’ve always chosen to bike the entire Katy in the fall in the past. But we always endured at least one heavy rain. Here we are finishing a spring tour without a drop of rain.

Our last day in the trail

We cooked up our last breakfast in camp and shared with Tom – oatmeal, instant coffee and freeze dried open burrito. Total yum! We had an extra bowl-mug for him but no spoon so he made one out of a stick. This crazy guy!

The three of us stopped in Defiance and Tom treated us to drinks at Terry & Kathy’s Tavern. Kathy mixes up a mean bloody mary. I call it the ten mild bloody mary because that’s how long it stayed with me. It was a happy morning.

Trail discoveries today included a large pile of bear poo right about where Tom ran into him the previous night. Proof! Black bears really have returned to Missour! Tom also found a single morel mushroom. It is morel season and we’ve seen dozens and dozens of morel hunters on the trail this week.

Celebratory boozy milk shakes on a tour well done!!

Tom biked with us about halfway home and then zoomed on ahead to meet a friend for the day. Craig and I like to take our time. We’ve developed a strategy during this trip which has proven very helpful to our sore old keysters… every 2 miles we take a mini break. We don’t even get off our bikes; just stop, hydrate and rest our tired tushies for a few minutes before continuing. We’ve found that our mini breaks help our bodies AND our brains get through the day long rides without slogging or drudgery. It is the only way I was able to finish our distance on that painful Wednesday.

We got to St. Charles around 2:30pm. Home sweet home!! We finished up with a hearty lunch at Hendricks BBQ, one of our favorite restaurants right on the trail in old town St. Charles. We celebrated our adventure’s end with a couple of Hendricks’ delicious boozy milkshakes. YUMMY.

Our home is only two miles away from Hendricks, four blocks away from the trail. What a phenomenal adventure we have had! Katy Trail 2017 is complete!!

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