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A Nice and Easy Start… Breaking in the Old Bodies Slowly

A Nice and Easy Start… Breaking in the Old Bodies Slowly



Early morning

We started off this morning early and chilly as we biked a mile from our house to the Bike Stop Café to catch our shuttle out to Pleasant Hill. There’s a benefit to having a bike mechanic as our shuttle driver… Tony was able to make some last minute adjustments to my brakes before we packed everything in the van to travel 3 ½ hours across the state.

We arrived in the little town of Pleasant Hill around 11:30am, said adios to Tony and found a bona fide country diner for lunch. Ultimate roast beef, turkey, and ham melts on sourdough bread. MEAT COMA!! All for $16!

Our bikes are packed!

We drove through Pleasant Hill’s sprawl on the way in and it wasn’t very pretty. But their historic area where we ate lunch is quaint and full of character. They’ve done a good job making it bikeable with a trail through the old town area. The well-kept trail took us almost all the way to Pleasant Hill Lake where we’re camping for the night. Today is tree-bending windy but fortunately it was at our backs for the three mile ride out to the lake. We’re spending our first night in a peaceful scenic spot right on the lake’s edge.

Heading to our campsite on the Pleasant Hill bike trail

And here we sit in our new Moon Lence collapsible camping chairs with LEGS! — very comfortable – enjoying the lake view watching frisky sparrows frolic around in the grass. Ah Spring… the season of bird love.

What a sweet spot!

A neighboring camper came by with a gift of homemade spicy boiled peanuts. I’ve never had boiled peanuts before; they are one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. I won’t be completely fulfilled in my life now until I get more of those somehow someway… He stayed and chatted for a while and turned out to be the president of the Pleasant Hill Parks Commission. Great guy with a wonderful vision of how embracing biking will help his little town. They’ve done amazing things so far and have more plans. But of course they struggle with the old thing I’ve heard so many times before… the people in power who decide where the money goes don’t always get the vision. I wish him the best and I think they will get there eventually.

Fantastic campsite!

So our first day was easy and restful. Tomorrow we start the actual ride. It is sobering to notice how much harder it is to lift my 50 year old leg up and over my pannier bedecked bike than it was when these legs were only 42. And there’s always that precarious moment as I’m flinging my leg over the seat while holding my heavy bike that feels as if I’m gonna hurtle backwards flat on my butt. My fully packed bike feels heavier than it used to and then there’s the balance issue. I feel precarious wobbling around on two wheels with all this weight on the back (I’m talking about my panniers NOT my butt), like I could fall over at any moment. But the loaded bike always feels squirrelly at first. I’ll be used to it by the end of the day tomorrow.

Wine time!!!

The weather forecast is still predicting sunny skies and perfect weather until the end of the week. HEAVEN!!!


A magical evening by the river…

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